Join us on mission as we reach our neighbors and nations. 

Kindness Challenge

* The goal and heart behind our monthly kindness challenges is to create touching points for ourselves, our neighbors & our community to know and experience the Love and Hope of God in real, simple & tangible ways! *

Our October Challenge is here!

This Months challenge: Serve together with your small group!

We can’t stress enough the importance of living on mission in community, and being plugged into a small group here at Hope Church is vital for that to take place. So for the month of October we are asking that your small group does an act of kindness or service together!

We understand that each group is different so: Be creative, Keep it simple, and Pray for God’s guidance for your group.

We truly believe that there is something special that takes place when we serve TOGETHER in community!

We have a pre-made kindness note below for you to print out and use to make things easy but adding a personal touch can go along way!


Let us know how it went:

Snap pictures of your kindness challenge, post to social media and send them by email to Justin Coffey at

Use these hash tags when you post. #BringingHope #KindnessChallenge #LoveYourNeighbor